Why the soil is important for mairjuana farming

If you’re going to start growing marijuana, one of the most important things to do is have a soil test completed.

  • Soil is an organic and living substance that contains a lot of nutrients and minerals to help your plants grow big, strong, and firm.

Soil is different in many regions, and that will affect the way that the marijuana grows. The soil texture is also important. In order for your marijuana to grow strong roots and retain plenty of oxygen and water, the soil must have a good texture. This means proper and equal amounts of sand, clay, and silt. This specific ratio mix can determine a lot of variables for marijuana growth. When I decided to purchase land for a marijuana farm, the first thing I did was pay for a soil test. They can be expensive in a lot of places, but marijuana farming is legal and extensive in our region. The soil test was actually quite inexpensive, and it saved me a lot of time and aggravation. The soil test gave me a complete analysis of everything inside of the dirt. The soil sample tests for a few different levels, but most of them are looking for the amount of phosphorus, calcium, and sulfur in your soil. After you have determined what is in the soil, it’s much easier to feed, water, and fertilize your plants. My soil test revealed a high concentration of phosphorus in our acreage. When we fertilize the ground, we take this information into account. Most of the time, we buy feed and fertilizer products that compliment the soil levels and help inhibit plant growth..



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