Job working at commercial farm grow room

I have been growing and cultivating marijuana for the past six years. I was one of the first original Humboldt rebels, and now I am one of the first legal commercial farms in the area. Recently, I decided to hire another individual to work in the commercial farm grow room. I’ve been really busy with paperwork, client meetings, and investment opportunities. I need someone that I can trust to be my eyes and ears here. I already have a few employees, but I’m looking for the right individual. I need someone who is just as passionate about marijuana growing as I am. I realize that might be hard to find, but I’m not going to give up the reins to anyone. We are one of the first commercial farms in the area to grow marijuana. Last month, we sent 350 lb of product to the dispensary. Our name is well-known in the cannabis world, and we even have our very own product line of t-shirts, hats, skateboard stickers, and one hitters. Next month, I’m going to be overseas for a product convention. There is going to be a huge marijuana expo, and I’m hoping to find a new and exciting strain to feature next year. I have a few interviews scheduled for the weekend, and one of those gentlemen has been working in a commercial grow house for the past 5 years. I think this guy could be the one, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to pay him enough money to leave the commercial farm he is now working.
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