Hard to grow marijuana without a proper greenhouse

It’s incredibly difficult to grow marijuana, and I have tried several times. When our state legalized medical and recreational marijuana, I decided to try out my green thumb. In the past, I have grown tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, and even soybeans. I didn’t think maruijuna would be any more difficult than these crops. The dispensary sells seeds, so I didn’t have any trouble getting a great selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Indica strains are great for pain relief, insomnia, and stress. Sativa heavy strains are great for creative thinking projects and exploratory ideas. I purchased some seeds that were guaranteed to be females. Male seeds dont flower and the product is usually full of seeds and unpleasant in taste and aroma. I tried growing marijuana from old bud seeds, but it didn’t turn out well. My first attempt at growing marijuana was less than successful. I only had 3 surviving plants out of a dozen, and they all got root rot. That’s when I learned how important the soil, water content, and fertilizer can be. Now I have learned from my mistakes. It’s taken ten years, but I finally have a small greenhouse with several different marijuana plants. The green house is a huge help, because it aids with moisture levels, sunshine, and temperature levels. I plant a few new seeds each month, so the harvest rotation is always good. Once I learn how to cultivate the marijuana properly, I’ll be ready to start sharing with all of my friends, family, and neighbors. After that, maybe I’ll start my own special cannabis strains.

Growing pot