Different containers for growing cannabis plants

There are a lot of different containers that can be used for growing cannabis.

For the most part, these containers fall into one of three categories.

Cannabis cultivation containers are usually beds, buckets, or bags. There are positives and negatives to each of these cannabis cultivation containers, and most gardeners have their own personal favorite. I prefer plastic bags, because they take up very little space and are quite inexpensive. I use white plastic bags that reflect the heat in order to stay cooler. We have no natural sunlight in our Greenhouse, so we don’t have to worry about our plastic containers getting too hot. Some of my friends prefer to use pots. They start seedlings out in a small paper pots and transfer the plant as it grows bigger and bigger. Once they reach fifty gallons, they can be cumbersome and heavy to move. These pots are easy to find anywhere. Large plastic pots can be found in any home improvement store or gardening center. As long as they have a smooth side and a hole for drainage, they will work just fine. Cannabis flower beds are another way to contain your plants. The beds should be watered daily, and kept in a place where each has plenty of room to grow. Cannabis plants can quickly grow out of beds, so they aren’t my favorite choice. No matter what shape or size container you might choose, the most important part to growing cannabis is a careful and watchful eye. The needs of each plant change from day to day, and that’s the difference between a successful harvest and a lousy one.


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