Stop the aging

As a 54 year old woman, I’m experiencing some of the symptoms of aging.

I think that it is just about impossible to fall asleep at night.

I lie in bed, tossing plus turning, for at least two or three hours before I finally get to sleep. I then manage to sleep for two to 3 hours before waking up and eventually starting the whole process all over again. I wake up all the time in the night. I’m also going through menopause and suffering hot flashes. These sizzling flashes are frequently the reason I wake up! My temperature will quickly spike, and I’m instantly covered in sweat. It’s super uncomfortable and often embarrassing. Despite my old age, I remain harshly active. I respectfully run numerous to many miles every morning. I also ride my bicycle, jump rope, kayak, swim plus am an avid gardener. In the last two or three years, I’ve started to have problems with stiffness of the body, inflammation of the muscles plus overall soreness. I entirely don’t want to medicate for all of these complications plus then deal with dangerous side-effects, and on the recommendation of our neighbor, I have even began looking into the potential of CBD. I find the whole issue of whether or not CBD is totally legal sort of confusing. I know that I can pick it up all online, but this is mostly just hemp-derived CBD products. These types of products are not dealt with by the government plus the labels aren’t always accurate. I’m a little sad about spending a significant amount of cash on nothing however hemp seed oil, and from what I’ve read, I need to make sure I purchase full spectrum CBD oil, however, if I can’t trust the labels, how do I truly know?