Well we enjoyed those services

Owning a cannabis dispensary is a lot of fun.

If you want to make it a great business, then you should consider offering delivery as a part of your services. Many cannabis dispensaries now offer delivery service for just a small fee. They want to stay in competition with other cannabis dispensaries. Once you add delivery to your service, you can expect to see your sales soar. Not only will sales begin to soar, but you will also find your customer acquisition to increase. Many people are unable to leave their homes because of medical conditions. Knowing these customers is important if you have a medical marijuana dispensary. When I first started purchasing my marijuana from a cannabis dispensary, I was hoping to find someone who delivered. When I finally found a cannabis dispensary with delivery, I dumped the one I had been using for a while. You will see your sales climb and your phone sales will greatly increase. Many people are on their laptop or phone all of the time. People love delivery now, because it is so easy. When they are shopping online, they are adding items to their cart. Many times, they have more in their online cart than they would have in their cannabis dispensary store cart. Some people fear offering delivery for many reasons. It is hard to entrust your marijuana products to a driver. Make sure you have a good plan of implementation and a crew of drivers that you know you can trust. You will find that having a dispensary that offers delivery of marijuana products, will be a great move.
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