That is included in the delivery

Okay, so you have decided that you want to include delivery as part of the services you offer in your cannabis dispensary.

Now, all you need to do, is to hire those drivers.

It isn’t going to be as easy to hire a driver to deliver marijuana products, as it is to hire a driver to deliver pizza. If you are hiring delivery drivers for you dispensary, you need to be able to trust them. These drivers will be delivering products made out of marijuana to patients and customers. This is not a job for everyone. There is one cannabis dispensary that is near my house, that has lost many customers because the owner of the dispensary didn’t do enough background checks on his drivers. They didn’t just forget to do the delivery, but they made off with the marijuana product. Background checks are crucial in hiring drivers. If the idea of hiring drivers is scary to you, it really isn’t. You should not need to be afraid to offer delivery service to your customers.You need to treat your cannabis dispensary as you would treat a pharmacy. Your drivers are going to need to check ID when they make their deliveries. In most states, it is illegal to purchase marijuana products unless you are 21. Even if the person is only purchasing CBD, their ID must show that they are 21 because they are getting their CBD from a cannabis dispensary. The laws are getting tougher when it comes to marijuana and they are not going to be getting easier any time soon.

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