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I also had forgotten to set up my website

You have no idea how easy it is to overlook the smaller things, when you are just looking at the big picture of opening a cannabis dispensary. Last month, I opened a cannabis dispensary. I was about a week from my grand opening when I realized I had overlooked a few small, but very important details. I did not have a point of sale machine or a cash register. It really didn’t matter how many, or how top quality my marijuana products were, I was not going to be able to keep inventory, or more importantly sell the items if I didn’t have a point of sale or a cash register. That was when I began to look around to see what else I may have missed. I could hear my own heart beating, but I didn’t hear any music. What kind of marijuana dispensary would not have music in the background. I knew I had to order a sound system as soon as possible. I had less than a week to get the sound system in place and to get a POS system set up. I was getting ready to hand everyone some business cards to pass out and I realized I had forgotten something else. I didn’t get my business cards to the printer. I didn’t have any flyers ready to put up or hand out. I also had forgotten to set up my website. I was planning on doing delivery, but I didn’t have a website to display my inventory on. I didn’t believe I would be able to pull all of this together in just a week and I worried I would need to postpone the opening.


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