Dealing with some issues

I just got a modern task as a delivery driver and I am absolutely gleeful about it.

I used to regularly deliver pizza and subs, which was good cash for the most part, however the task was pretty dull.

I did that for a few years until my neighbor opened up a cannabis dispensary. I asked him if he was hiring a few weeks ago however his supplier was too new to take on more members. Now cannabis has gotten so extremely popular that he can’t keep his products stocked to meet the demand. He contacted me a little while ago and asked if I wanted to do marijuana delivery for him. I didn’t even hesitate to say yes! I easily understand that the marijuana supplier is a little sketchy currently, with the banks not taking cash and stores getting robbed regularly. I will have to be especially careful and might even get my carry permit… Almost all of the marijuana dispensaries I have been to easily have armed security guards outside. After my neighbor provided me the task he reminded me that I can’t smoke any of the product or eat any of the edibles. I laughed despite the fact that I easily could see that he was serious, and I will have to control my impulses! Marijuana is legal where I am living, despite the fact that I still get especially excited when I see modern products or strains. I never would have believed I would go from delivering food to marijuana, despite the fact that I truly can’t complain… My goal is to make my way up in the supplier and perhaps be a grower or a budtender. I guess it would be fantastic to help people choose a cannabis strain that suits their needs and put my expertise to wonderful use!

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